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Ethical Management

The purpose of ethical management is to manage company to earn trust from stockholders such as customers, shareholders, employees, competitors, suppliers, goverment and society by fulfilling ehtical responsibility of company based on the company's management philosophy.

Ethical Codes

Isu Engineering & Construction proclaims ethical codes which specify "Right behaviors and standard for value determination" to be observed in activities of the company with core values, "Customer satisfaction" "Faithfulness" and "Challenge" to accomplish the core objective of "Beautiful and convenient future creation" management philosophy of ISU Engineering & Construction.

  • ISU Engineering & Construction provides values to satisfy customers by thinking in the position of customers, respecting customer's opinions, and constructing with sincerity and the best quality under the belief that 'customer satisfaction' is the 'best value of ISU Engineering & Construction.
  • ISU Engineering & Construction acts according to etical standards, and autonomously observing all related laws, company's policies and regulations, and this ethical codes based on faithfulness in all activities representing ISU.
  • ISU Engineering & Construction pursues joint development in the long-term by completing mutual trust and cooperative relation through transparent and fair transaction based on liberal competition between companies.
  • ISU Engineering & Construction people establish right values, and accomplish tasks with continuous self-development and creative thinking to show maximum capability in tasks based on the core value.
  • ISU Engineering & Construction provides fair opportunities to employees, and treat tehm fairly according to ability and milestones th make a place where everybody can live with 'Share the Future' ans an axis.
  • ISU Engineering & Construction shares abundant life in the future and contributes to the development of regional and social development.

Ethical norm

  • Commitment to customers
  • Compliance and fair competition
  • Coexistence and prosperity with collaborative companies
  • Behavior of employees
  • Share width employees
  • Social contribution

ISU Engineering & Construction thinks in the shoes of customers and respects customer opinions based on the belief that ‘customer satisfaction’ is the ‘highest value of ISU Engineering & Construction ’ and shall constantly create and provide values for the satisfaction of customers with the faithful and top quality construction.

Customer respect

We shall not use property of customers without advance consent of customers, and shall protect the confidentiality of customer information.

Value provision

We provide the highest quality products and services to the needs of customers, respond promptly and accurately to fair demand of customers and provide the value demanded by customers.

Implementation of promise

We keep the promises with customers and prevent customer complaints from selling defective products or providing poor services.

Customer protection

We shall not use property of customers without advance consent of customers, and shall protect the confidentiality of customer information.


ISU Engineering & Construction shall act upon ethical principles based on sincerity in all activities representing ISU Engineering & Construction, and shall autonomously comply with all related acts, company principles and regulations and this ethical principles.

Law compliance

We shall sincerely comply with related acts and commercial practices in all our businesses, and conduct business through autonomous compliance in fair and ethical way.

Fair competition

We will strive to establish fair trading and competition order by realizing that fair competition is the right way of raising economic efficiency and accomplishing mutual development in conducting business activities in and out of Korea.

Utilization of information

We shall collect and use information fairly according to related acts and commercial practices, and shall not unjustifiably leak information of competitors and slander competitors.


ISU Engineering & Construction pursues joint development in the long term by completing consistent mutual confidence and cooperative relationship through transparent and fair transactions based on the principle of free competition.

Equal opportunity

We shall give the equal opportunity of registration and selection to all qualifying partners and fairly conduct registration and selection processaccording to fair screening standard.

Fair trading

All transactions shall be executed fairly on even terms and we shall sufficiently consult on conditions and processes in advance.

Work participation

We shall mutually respect and consider employees of partners as one family, and keep the promises with partners.

Mutual growth

We shall create clean and transparent trading environment by pursuing mutual development according to the principle of mutual benefits with partners and endeavor to maintain fair trading orders.


ISU Engineering & Construction will establish the right values based on the core values of ‘sincerity’ and ‘challenge’, and complete tasks with endless self-development and creative thinking to maximize business competency.

Basic ethics

Keep the dignity of individuals and honor of ISU by establishing the right ethical values in conducting business.

Business implementation

We shall faithfully conduct given tasks according to the company vision and management principle, and raise business efficiency through active participation and fluent communication with colleagues and related departments.


We will endeavor to satisfy the concept of talent of ISU through constant self-development to become an ideal talent based on the idea that development of individual leads to development of the company.

Asset protection

In case of potential risk of critical incident that may cause damage to company assets (human resource and material), we shall immediately report and take appropriate action, and take best efforts to protect information to prevent leakage of confidential information of the company.


ISU Engineering & Construction provides fair opportunities to employees under the theme of ‘Share the Future’, and treat all employees fairly according to abilities and performances as part of efforts to make the mutual living foundation.

Employee respect

We will respect employees as independent human being, establish policies and provide education & cultivation of talents so that employees can accomplish pride and reward from work

Fair treatment

We will provide fair opportunities according to individual abilities and competencies and provide proper compensation by fairly evaluating based on abilities and performances.

Promote challenge

We will promote the future challenge based on unique ideas and autonomous actions by employees, and provide ample support for manpower development.

Health and safety

We will take responsibility in safety and accident prevention by carrying out inspections on safety education and facilities so that employees can work in safe, hygiene and productive working environment.


ISU Engineering & Construction shares prosperous life of the future and contribute to development of local community by making stable growth.

Social activity

We pursue business activities creating prosperous future life based on stable growth.

Contribution in social development

We contribute to social development by creating jobs, truthfully paying taxes and participating in voluntary activities in local community.

Prohibition of political participation

We shall prohibit to participate in the politics and doany political activities in the workplace and provide illegal donations or funds.

Environmental protection

We shall comply with related acts and strive to operate environmentally friendly business to protect the environment.

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